Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is a Test

I have decided that I was born a half generation too early for all of this technology stuff. But, I'm trying. So, I bought an iPad with the intent that it would be much lighter to haul around when I'm traveling. It all seemed so simple, and yet, not so much. It seems that I can't post directly onto my blog account from my iPad. Well, that's special!

Now what? It turns out that there is an "App for that" as they say. Sure, it cost $3, but still, a small price to pay for a lighter load. So, this blog is a test to see if it actually works. Tomorrow we are leaving for Israel, thus the need for the test. I'm hoping to post about my adventures while I'm gone so check back. If there isn't a new post every day (starting Saturday or Sunday) it will mean one of three things. 1) There is no Internet access. 2) I'm too tired to type. Or 3) I've wasted $3.

I'm closing this note with a picture of our beautiful granddaughter due February 8. It's the only picture currently on my iPad at the moment and seriously, I already think she's pretty cute. Don't you?

Oh, I forgot to say, that I'm hoping to be able to upload photos during our trip, depending on the internet speed. That's why I had to add one to this post. And look! It worked! Now I can finish packing.
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