Sunday, November 18, 2007

A day of celebrations

Yesterday was a day of celebrations. It started with a bridal shower, held by my friend, Debbie, for our soon to be daughter-in-law, Heidi. What a great time! I am blessed to have so many family and friends who could come and celebrate Adam and Heidi's upcoming marriage and bless Heidi with beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

After the shower, we went out to dinner with Heidi, Adam, Heidi's parents, and our other daughter-in-law, Erin (married to Paul who was out of town working.) Erin recently had a birthday, which we'd not had time yet to celebrate, so at dinner she opened her presents from us. Good thing we gave her Sara Groves' new CD. She was planning to buy it at the CD release concert that we were headed to after dinner.

We ended the day at the concert. Sara is one of the most real performers I've ever seen. She's honest, sweet, and has such a great heart for the Lord.

Throughout the day I couldn't help but think how blessed I am to soon have two wonderful daughter-in-laws whom I love, who love me, but more importantly love the Lord. I am doubly blessed!


Matthew Nowlin said...

Two? Wow.

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome party!! You are blessed to be having two great daughter in laws! Your sons choose wisely!